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Author Topic: SJS acknowledgement from those "other" boards and more  (Read 6076 times)
Paying to Fly
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« on: July 06, 2010, 10:31:32 PM »

"It's good to see one young pilot not afflicted with shiny jet syndrome." -- sa227fly of YouTube

"absolute minimum experience to move up is about 500 hours these days, but 1000-2000 is more along the lines of realistic especially if you have Shiny Jet Syndrome and don't want to fly Cessnas." -- nick4454 of Yahoo Answers 10 months ago

"Try the Shiny Jet Syndrome webpage." -- Mark of Yahoo Answers 4 years ago

"Shiny Jet Syndrome" pays for everything." -- dusk of The Pipe Nov 8, 2011

"I guess you and all the new guys are still suffering from shiny jet syndrome!" -- heyburner of ThePipe Aug 27, 2011

"I've got around 600tt/60multi and the "shiny jet syndrome" is starting to set in," -- pilotjc925 of PPRuNe Aug 18, 2011

"The “Shiny Jet Syndrome” continues to artificially depress wages for new cockpit crewmembers. -- David of Aug 2, 2011

"The positive perspective is generally centered around the flying itself; new wide body airplanes (SJS, a.k.a. shiny jet syndrome) worldwide destinations on six continents, respectful crews, no MELs and good benefits." -- Andy Simonds of sometime, 2011

"How is your site doing?" -- Captain Doug of From the Flight Deck June 1, 2011

"Shiny Jet Syndrome....that's a good way to coin this disease many of us have." -- Captain Doug of From the Flight Deck May 28, 2011

"So many of these little rich kids will fly for nothing just to get to that shiny jet." -- seven3seven of May 14, 2011

"Or maybe women are genetically less predisposed to contracting shiny jet syndrome." -- Greg of Pilots of America Mar 18, 2011

"and the jets are not shiny, just dirty and peeling..." -- showmethemoney of Airline Pilot Central Mar 4, 2011

"And the jets are nice and shiney!" -- ST8NLVL of Airline Pilot Central Mar 3, 2011

"i hate people getting into this industry for wrong reasons like sjs." -- seattlepilot of Airline Pilot Central Mar 3, 2011

"Can u say SJS" -- RJ Pilot of Airline Pilot Central Feb 23, 2011 in response to clipperskipper's comment "I don't think I'm up for commuting to fly a turboprop, however it does offer the chance to get back up to speed."

"I’ve gained a lot of experience and knowledge through instructing, but am ready to move on to the airline sector (you might say I have 'shiny jet syndrome')" -- David Reed of AviationIsLife Feb 20, 2011

"@TheBigPrawn Shiny Jet Syndrome strikes the stupid." -- gnarkillkicksass of YouTube 3 months ago

"We give our pay and they promise the Shinny new jets" -- sammysuperjet of Airline Pilot Central Feb 6, 2011

"Should be required reading for all kids with SJS in class right now." -- NoStep of Airline Pilot Central Feb 6, 2011

"For someone like yourself that could go from no job pistons to RHS jet to say this shows that you are obviously not fooled by Shiny Jet Syndrome." -- Mr. Hat of PPRune Feb 1, 2011

"Expect a bunch of guys with shiny jet syndrome telling the cute bartender that they fly for United." -- Trogdor of Airline Pilot Central Jan 30, 2011

"What most pilots with SJS don't understand is the damage they do to the profession when they go to work for an outfit like Virgin or Allegiant." -- Fishfreighter of Airline Pilot Central Jan 26, 2011

"This could do more damage than the regional jet and bring SJS to a whole new level.......SJS to the max, but with zero experience."
 -- CANAM of Airline Pilot Central Jan 24, 2011

"Luckily if LUV ever gets into trouble financially they can rely on SJS: shiny jet syndrome, for its pilots to take wage concessions for the "viability" of the company." -- SJS of Jan 19, 2011

"The problem is so many young guys have SJS or "shiny jet syndrome" and want to rush to fly some nice equipment as fast as possible, even if it means they get paid a wage below the poverty level to do it." -- manly5000 of HappierAbroad Jan 16, 2011

"I think it sucks, but those who had shiny wide body syndrome are no different than those who have shiny jet syndrome." -- 2StgTurbine Dec 18, 2010

"I told you to stay away from pilot mills... Shiney jet syndrome makes them a lot of money." -- Nik of Nov 16, 2010

XJet cured me of my "Shiny Jet Syndrome" -- Skynut of The Pipe Nov 9, 2010

"But hey, at least you get to fly big shiny jets!" -- dasleben of Nov 4, 2010

"@pinkmints If you suffer from Shiny Jet Syndrome, then maybe becoming a pilot isn't for you. The prestige of becoming an airline pilot is long gone." -- anonymous of Sep 20, 2010

"Don't get shiny jet syndrome fly cargo if you can." -- Clinton of Answer to Airline pilot career: College Vs Flight academy?

"So yes, they entered the next phase after Shiny Jet Syndrome, Big Jet Syndrome." -- hiplainsdrifter of Airline Pilot Central Sept 19, 2010

"...because people with Shiny Jet Syndrome don't usually like to associate with goats and chickens until they get along in their careers and realize they miss life on the farm." -- Dr. ATP of surroundedbyair on blogspot Sept 13, 2010

"You have a case of SJS. You should know that I am myself dealing with a serious case of SJS. I am currently in Rehab for SJS and am not as gifted like Lindsey Lohan so I might not be out of here soon. When she was got our of rehab all my buddy's (SJS'ers) where cheering. I was too. She my hero." -- snOOp of jetcareers Aug 27, 2010

"I remember being a 200 hr pilot. That shiny jet syndrome will wear off pretty quick. Enjoy it while it lasts..." -- Flyer1015 of PPRuNe Aug 26, 2010.

"Thanks for your sensible and very mature post - most guys younger than you just got the SJS (shiny jet syndrome) and jump at the opportunity without checking the facts (and T&Cs)." -- AQIS Boigu of PPRuNE Aug 4, 2010

"It’s hard to explain. There’s little glamour left in the job, but it still beats working for a living. Some of the guys in my class were clearly affected by SJS, Shiny Jet Syndrome. It’s not the jets I’m after. It darn sure ain’t the money." -- Jeremy King of AOPA circa mid 2000s...

...sjshost note: you sir are a victim of SJS!

@esh1 What is "Shiny Jet Syndrome (SJS)"? Can you explain, please? Smiley -- applesweeter of YouTube

@applesweeter Freedom!!!!! Thats why most new pilots suffer from SJS(Shiny Jet syndrome) and pay companies like Gulfstream gruesome amounts $25,000 to sit on right seat of a turboprop to gain hours... -- esh1 of YouTube

"Interesting clash because I'm all about shiny jet syndrome." -- AmericanAirFan Jun 29, 2010

"You're gonna be on a freaking airplane how awesome is that!? I'd be pumped man! I'm usually too excited to be anxious when I'm riding on the heavy metal. Shiny Jet Syndrome FTW!" -- SargeJr3 of flightsimworld Jun 25, 2010

"And I am no SJS guy." -- 4andCounting of Airline Pilot Central June 20, 2010

"And I would be having much better pay and QOL than at a regional, so I'm not suffering from shiny jet syndrome, yet." -- Fly2HMO of June 18, 2010

"Yeah, don't want anyone pointing out that Virgin is a lowball outfit. Might scare off the SJS addict applicants." -- Fishfreighter of Airline Pilot Central June 17,2010.

"...but luckily i dont think SJS spreads over to piston singles." -- cmill of jetcareers May 26, 2010

"Not all airline gigs are Shiny Jets" -- jynxyjoe of jetcareers May 26, 2010

"But isnt that the ultimate goal of working for an airline, to make it to the shiny jets?" -- cmill of jetcareers May 26, 2010

"If there was a shortage of pilots, the regionals wouldn't be able to get away with paying $20,000 a year, but there are plenty of kids out there with shiny jet syndrome." -- MZL of stucmic APR 13, 2010

"Seems very simple to me, the prospective employee is not being asked to sell their soul, just to resist "Shiny Jet Syndrome" for one year at the very least." -- Slats of AVCANADA Feb 10, 2010   

"Ahh yes... SJS

Image " -- iflyforpie of AVCANADA Feb 10, 2010

"Actaully I do not fly for a commercial operator* so shiny airplane anything." -- linecrew of AVCANADA Feb 10, 2010

"I can see you have a case of the shiny jet syndrome." -- Nark of AVCANADA Feb 10, 2010

"In my opinion with its fuel burn and speed, the Q400 is the only aircraft that should be flying any route under 500 miles in the United States. That just doesn’t fit in with Bryan Bedford’s shiny jet syndrome." -- Larry the Lynx of Things in the Sky Feb 6, 2010

"Hello gang. I was on a overnight recently and stumbled upon a site saved to the hotel computer. It was called At first thought, it seemed to be a parody of some sort." -- flyerhigh17 of Talkairline Oct 10, 2009

"I know there are drivers out there with Petes containing Caterpillar diesels of which they are highly enamored, sort of like shiny jet syndrome, and some of them are also reasonably paid." -- Cubdriver of Airline Pilot Central Feb 22, 2009

"Don't interpret my NoSJS name as a dig at the regionals, the same disease can be found at any airline, regardless of what they currently fly." -- NoSJS of Talkairline Sept 18, 2008

"What does NoSJS stand for?" -- CJflyer of TalkAirline Sept 18, 2008

"Normally I'd say it means No Shiny Jet Syndrome,..." -- Divine.Wind of TalkAirline Sept 18, 2008

"It means No Shiny Jet Syndrome, hadn't even thought of the other possibility." NoSJS of TalkAirline Sept 18, 2008

"I get a kick out of these 350-600TT "wonder pilots" who think they are an ACE because they've landed a regional jet job. Shiny Jet Syndrome? I think so." -- Adam of JetBlog! Interactive Sep 13, 2008

"You will be disappointed if you suffer "shiny jet syndrome" -- flightknigt of PPRuNe Sept 12,2008

"You appear to have a severe case of shiny jet syndrome." -- Flynavy of Jun 26, 2008

"Dear Anonymous #1 - I'm just curious -- why did you add your very funny SJS bit to this particular post?" -- B.N. Sullivan of Aircrew Buzz March 9, 2008

"SJS (Shiny Jet Syndrome)
That is a serious syndrome, I hear somewhere that roughly 100% of pilots with career aspirations are afflicted with this syndrome." -- BrewMaster of Airline Pilot Central March 6, 2008

"Right seat jet time is like having an arm grow out of my ass. I could hold jet captain and have a worse schedule, but 121 PIC is 121 PIC unless you have SJS." -- ElDuderino of willflyforfood in a response to thread starting "I currently have 450 hours total time, and I will be getting my CRJ-200 Type Rating soon. Then I will apply for the regional job.Is this a good or bad idea?" -- Tony Anderson of willflyforfood Sept 28, 2007

"Gomer MUST have SJS! They're only going to pay him $17000 the first year and he didn't even tell the to f**k off!" -- SJS used in a sentence at Urban Dictionary Aug 20, 2007

2.    SJS  "Shiny Jet Syndrome", coined by an anonymous, but obsevant pilot.
An affliction wherein a (usually) young pilot is willing to go into massive debt to get training to get a flying job at starvation wages (often requiring living at parents home). Most sufferers get help at regional/commuter airlines, whose greedy bosses buy large numbers of small, cramped jets to accomodate them.
The military and major airlines don't usually have many SJS sfflictees as the entrance requirements are more stringent or applicants too jaded. -- definition of SJS from Urban Dictionary Aug 20, 2007

"Somebody got a case of SJS? (That's Shiny Jet Syndrome.)" -- G of dcpilots Aug 9, 2007

"Unfortunately SJS is hard to stop and lots of people will still jump to get to be a "Jet piliot" -- Itsnotfinals of June 1, 2007

"That or another bad case of Shiny Jet Syndrome." -- ElDuderino of willflyforfood Nov 19,2007

"I thought SJS was a bunch of BS and hype until I saw the other flight instructors at the school I was working at bail on chances to work at Ameriflight and Ameristar to go to places like ExpressJet and Pinnacle...
SJS my friend, SJS." -- Anonymous in response to Sam of Blogging at FL250 Oct 15,2006

"A newer, tongue-in-cheek term for the same thing is "Shiny Jet Syndrome." The "SJS sufferer," like the "600-hour wonder," is a stereotype,...
Those "afflicted" with SJS are usually young, without much life experience...
They are ever dissatisfied with the entry-level jobs available and would rather jump ahead to a "real job," ie the Shiny Jet...
"Instructing sucks" is a big red "SJS" warning light..." -- Sam of Blogging at FL 250, Oct 15, 2006

"i gotta hand it to l. ron neeleman; he's taken shiny jet syndrome to a new level." -- Kill Bill of airlinepilotcentral Feb 12, 2006

"I love prop airplanes to fly in real life, I do not suffer from SJS (Shiny Jet Syndrome) like many of the younger pilots out there." -- Warfstain79 of Fine Scale Modeler November 23, 2005

"These ads are all designed to induce Shiny Jet Syndrome (SJS), a mysterious ailiment that induces normally sane people to fork over insane amounts of cash to sometimes shady flight schools in exchange for a promise to be a real-life (gasp) jet pilot at a real-life (gasp) airline sometime in the near future...My concern is that, despite what these schools would like to tell SJS victims, there's a good chance that before reaching that RJ, the pilot is going to being doing a decent bit of instructing, freight flying, etc...I've attracted SJS-struck students, I'm letting them learn on steam gauges before moving to glass, and I've increased use of those spendy twins!" -- Sam of Blogging at FL250 May 5, 2005


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