Are you a pilot or just another sucker with a bad case of SJS; Shiny Jet Syndrome? Perhaps a pilot with SJS? Either way, you've made it to the right place and we want to read your story. Follow these steps and post your way into Shiny Jet history.


1. You arrived at the home page of Now it's time to express your views on the subjects at hand. Click the link that says The Boreds. It's the one on the bottom.



2. You have now arrived at The Boreds. You can browse the subject matter of each topic category. Check out SJS spam from the interwebs or check out the latest from your SJS peers.



3. Your SJS is flying rampant. It is now time to register so you can let your Shiny Jet Syndrome loose. Click on the link that says "register".



4. Below is the registration form. It looks intimidating, but we will hold your hand through the process in the registration example.


Registration Example

Choose username: Use any name you like. Just remember it or write it down.

Email: You can put anything here you like. Make up an email address or use your own. You will not need to have anything verified to start posting.

Choose password: Make it simple. Write it down or remember it so you don't have to create multiple accounts.

Verify Password: Type in your password once more.

Visual verification: Type in the letters. This is a measure to keep spammers away, not those with SJS.

Are You Human?: Just make sure it says yes.

What is the time on the Clock?: This is the hardest part. Just read the bold hour and minute hands for the time. This is just another anti spam bot measure. This is not a test of your intelligence.We already know you'll take 20 grand a year to fly a jet.


Clock help just in case.



5. Next you'll have to agree to the terms and conditions of using The Boreds forum. Look closely and you'll find that there aren't any rules and you are encouraged to do as you please on the forum. It might not say it, but we prefer that you give death threats using other means than this message board.



Click "I Agree"



6. Congratulations! You are now a bona fide member of the SJS community! Head to any of the SJS categories and start posting.


You'll know whether there have been new posts or not.



7. Press the new topic tab or the reply tab to begin a thread or post response.





8. Stay as long as you like. Just remember your user name and password for the next time you visit The Boreds!