SJS Press January 2013

It is another new year in the world of SJS; Shiny Jet Syndrome. 2012 showed that SJS continues business as usual. Comair taxied in for the last time and handed its RJ keys to its GoJet brethren. Pinnacle Pilots were continually asked for pay concessions. Eagle readied itself for an outsourcer getting outsourced demonstration: American Eagle operated by Skywest Airlines. In addition to all this non news, Shiny Jet hero ToiletDuck was awarded a captain upgrade. The Press follows his migration.

sjsplate"After flying my CRJ 700 I go home and hang out on aviation message boards," explains a Seattle based pilot. "However, it's been an awkward couple of weeks. I mean my mom still brings my dinner to the basement, but something is definitely missing. I've noticed that ToiletDuck hasn't been posting much of anything lately. I've heard he's been loitering in my domicile. What gives? Maybe he's enjoying this rain!"

The Press sent a correspondent to the Emerald City to investigate. Upon arrival, evidence of ToiletDuck's flight path came to light.TDconfronted He was definitely in the area. What he was doing was a mystery. One witness spotted The Duck inside the secure area of SeaTac International Airport. "I was in line at Qdoba and there he was ordering a burrito. I'm sure it was vegetarian, but who knows? Afterwards I tried to confront him in baggage claim. He looked as though he was lost and had nothing to say to me. He was lost in some void. It was as though he was missing something dear to him."

It was a curious thing for ToiletDuck to be up in this locale far from his flying grounds in the Midwest. Shiny Jets in the Pacific Northwest are mostly flown by the non union spikey haired pilots of SkyWest. What was ToiletDuck doing here? The Press could only come to one conclusion; "TD" had abandoned the shiny jet for a prop job.


"That makes total sense now!" the Seattle pilot exclaims. "He goes to fly propellers and his message board post count goes in reverse! Is this what they call beta?" The Press wondered the same. What would become of The Duck? Would he return to a shiny jet one day? What would Sully think?


sjspremeireAs it turns out TD and Sully are still on good terms.They are in talks to make a new shiny jet feature movie. After the success of My Little Friend, the duo considers themselves a modern version of Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. Hollywood insiders chuckle at the thought, but are very welcoming to the awkward twosome. They let Sully indulge himself while ToiletDuck rides his coattails. The Duck is just a regional pilot after all.

The SJS Host displays adulation. "TD's upgrade is a wonderful thing. He will be missed during his shiny jet sebbatical, but I am confident he will return. ToiletDuck has a bright future and will bring droppingsful of aviation interweb content for years to come."


The Press at agrees and would like to congratulate ToiletDuck for his advancement in aerial society. As ToiletDuck's star continues to rise, we hope he does not forget us and will stop by The Boreds where he'll always have his own forum awaiting. In the meantime, quack on ToiletDuck. Quack on.

SJS Press

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