SJS Press March 2011

The airways are filled with stories of turmoil as well as success. As esteemed members of the media, The Press at takes to the skies to report those events in a semi-objective, more often than not truthful, funny, selfish fashion. Sometimes it is easier to report the stories from the sidelines as shiny jet drama unfolds. However, it is occassionally necessary to report internal events as well. The Press uncovers the reality of conflict between The Boreds and the Russian Federation in this month's topic: Cold War SJS.

The Cold War?

sjsvssjs"It's just another day at the office," says The SJS Host. "Those commies! All they do is spam The Boreds. This is a top rated aviation message board. I hope we stick it to them this time!" In a clear case of venting, The Host displayed all the frustrations of a war without killing. "There might not be death, but there is certainly destruction." The Host had just filtered out more messages from a Russian spammer. "Yeah, I understand we get occassional spam from other Eastern Bloc nations along with a China man here and there, but these Soviets are relentless."


"This all started when we got The Boreds going," explains The Host. "We had great reception from the shiny jet community. Three people signed up within the first year and we have six members as we speak. Where else do you find 100% growth in aviation messaging and blogging? The Boreds were set up so anybody could post anything they wanted as it related to their life with SJS. You didn't have to sign up. You just posted freely under an anonymous name or as a guest. It didn't matter to us. We were just tired of seeing message board members of other sites get censored, edited, or banned. There was none of that going on here."

"So The Boreds were up and everything was going well in the land of SJS. Then The Boreds began to see unwanted infiltrators. Posts were made by spam bots from every country out there. So we went on the defensive. We saw that most of the spam went into the first topic category so we turned it into a place for SJS spam. Then we cut off all posting in that forum. We weren't saying that pilots with SJS don't have a use for viagra or mail order brides, but these messages weren't specifically targeting those pilots. The spam could no longer be posted and the category was filled with shiny jet quotes from the interwebs so everyone could track the progression of SJS in our lives. At first, this was successful. russiansspamThen like they say, all good things come to an end. Spam started to trickle through our other topics causing all sorts of disruptions. Most of it was from the Russians. We ended up banning all .ru emails and anyone named Vladamir or Boris. We later banned all of Russia from visiting the site."

"spamstatsAt this stage, the red regime sent a final blow as an armada of spam set sail towards The Boreds. Our defenses were maxed out and we couldn't push back any longer. I had to make the call and asked the SJS Team to pull the plug."


"We were quite embarrassed by our defeat. If it wasn't for higher pressure from the Soviet leadership, I think we could have won. Who knew that SJS was so prevalent over there? It is rumored that their regular army as well as the KGB were involved in the attack on The Boreds. Due to our lack of nuclear weapons and an unfunded spy agency The Team at had to come up with a peaceful resolution to the conflict."

SJSgorbyVictory through peace?

"We all know the Russians aren't really into the premise of free thought and speech. That's why they were disrupting The Boreds in the first place. So we went the way of Ronald Reagan and said 'Mr. Gorbachev, let Shiny Jet Syndrome flourish for all pilots of the world.' Fortunately the response was agreeable. 'Da, da!' the head of the Soviets exclaimed. 'There shall be an SJS perestroika!' With the blessing of the Soviet statesman, The Boreds came back. The only difference was that users would now have to register."

The last laugh?

"Well I'm a pilot with a genuine case of Shiny Jet Syndrome and I saw to it that we would actually win the war without feigning defeat. So we revamped The Boreds. Yes. Users have to register, something I detest in general.RockySJS However they can still do so anonymously. We created a guide to The Boreds that even the best pilot can follow. We encourage the use of fake emails and names. There still aren't any rules. You only have to accept the fact that anything goes in the wild west of the internet; The Boreds."

It is certain that the war over the Shiny Jet Syndrome message board ended as cold as it started. Therefore, one can only expect continued SJS proliferation. As we consider our team the ultimate victor, The Press charges you to take advantage of your aviation forum freedom. Now head to The Boreds!


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