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Do you ever get that feeling that someone or something is following you? Maybe it's SJS! Read an SJS memoir by clicking the link below!


The Site is well on its way to aviation glory. Known as the eBaum's of the flying community, has many features to offer its guests. Read The Press for the latest in the Shiny Jet world or head to The Boreds to join your peers in SJS talk. Stayed tuned to The Site as you never know what will come out next. We've heard there is an announcement due out this week!

We heard a rumor that there might be an SJS blog along with live SJS twitter feed. One thing is for sure...'ll be an interesting next couple of years.

SJS Twitter Feed is Here! The rumor 5 lines ago has come true. You read it here first!


Twit, Tweet, Twat! Have it all! No need to check in at The Site for updated material. Follow us on Twitter and you'll be notified of any changes. Click our logo and end those sleepless nights worrying about changes to the SJS threat level!


We appreciate your feedback! Any SJS comments or concerns may be directed to the SJS Host.

Miracle on The Puget Sound! See the baton passed at The Press.


Pilots For PotSJS Potpit? What Happened?Find out in the latest Shiny Jet saga. Sober Up Here!











The Cohencohen close upIt's T-Shirt Time! Register at The Boreds and be the first to pm The SJS Host. You may have this shirt given to you. Then go show off your SJS fashion sense!





Lil' Steve Makes the Airways! Look at what others are saying.

lilstevemcdu"Not sure I want to share this with anyone outside of aviation..." -- TheFly

"That's just not right." -- Turtledriver

"You'd think one little felt puppet wouldn't be that much of a concern for being bumped, but I hear he takes every chance he can to get close to a MCDU." -- MeXC

"Did anyone save the pics? No one believes me this really happened." -- breezypilot

Make your own conclusions at The Press.

Have You Seen This Duck? Read The Press for details.


The Boreds!

cavemansjsSo Easy a Pilot Could Do It! Click Here to See How!

United and Continental Airlines Merge! Head to The Press for the latest in airline love stories.


Burn it Down! tells you how to go postal without killing anyone...then again. learn how!


Worst Companies to Work For in 2010 see the list!


AIRLINE FAIL! links below.

Airline Fail!, Union Fail!, SJS Win!, Management Win!



SantaSullyHo! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas from

SJS ATC excerpt

ATC: Flagship 1234 at 8000 feet. Say speed.

Flagship 1234: 290. What do you need?

A joke brought to you by The Site at

What's the difference between a first officer and a duck? click here for answer! presents...


2009 "The New Mesa" Standings

1. ExpressJet

2. Mesa Airlines

3. GoJet

4. Republic Airways

5. Pinnacle

Read The Press for details

Shiny Jet Syndrome Outbreak!

Never before has there been such a pandemic affecting the aviation community. We survived the onslaught of S.A.R.S. We boldy went to work when the bird flu took flight. Most recently we've stood against oink ooooiiinnnk! Well so much for getting past that.

More than ever, we are seeing the outbreak of Shiny Jet Syndrome. SJS may be spreading to an airline near you. What can be done to stop this vicious condition from infecting any more in our community? Nothing!

SJS Threat Level

The Site

It has been said that "If you can't beat them, become them!" or "If you can't destroy them, join them!" This site is for all those who have or are susceptible to SJS. If you love us or hate us, please join us. And as always, GoJet welcome!

The Press

Did you see that story about that pilot running around in the buff with only a wristwatch for cover? How about that pilot with the powerstache who went bird watching and ended up taking a river tour of NYC? Forget The Post. Check out The Press!

The Boreds

A forum for pilots is a must for anybody with SJS. The Boreds offer an opportunity for any pilot in the SJS world know about their great day on a shiny jet. Post your dreams of landing a pilot job in a shiny jet no matter what the cost. This forum is absolutely free (unless you put a value on dignity). Post as a guest or as a member. Guests and members may post anonymously. Post your way all the way to Management Material status!